Using the formula: dream = superhero, we teach every child that anything is possible; to believe in their dreams even when they seem impossible, “Free Your Superhero” and you will be unstoppable!

Free Your Superhero, Inc. is a non-profit, anti-bullying campaign that was founded by Todd Pasick, CEO; self-proclaimed survivor of the one of the cruelest places on earth, an elementary school playground!

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After losing his right arm, at the tender age of two, Todd faced the adversity of having a physical disability that would profoundly affect the way he was perceived and treated by others. Although he had lost his arm, he still maintained his desire to compete and excel. Through trial and error, he began developing skills necessary for overcoming obstacles.  Using a never give up, can-do attitude, he redefined labels that were placed on him by his peers and coaches by not just participating, but excelling far greater than their expectations. “The smallest kid on the playground left the biggest footprints,”  by winning a world silver medal in hockey, playing college football, becoming a board certified occupational therapist, author, accomplished musician and singer/songwriter.  One of Todd’s greatest challenges was facing adversity without a role model to follow.  His life experiences inspired his book, “The Adventures of Hockey Todd”. This book allows kids the opportunity to see how Todd overcame adversity while pursuing his passion of becoming a hockey player.  The story is relatable and helps establish dream pathways, instills confidence, promotes self-esteem, anti-bullying, equality, inclusion, encouragement, teamwork and the concept of role models.

Todd has shared his inspirational story to schools and organizations all over America

Over the past year, Todd has successfully shared his inspirational story to schools and organizations all over America including Alaska.  The major challenge he faces, when reaching out to share his story, is the lack of funding available to schools and/or organizations to cover his expenses and time away from his career.  Free Your Superhero, Inc. was developed to alleviate the financial barrier by providing a venue for corporate sponsorships.  The “Free Your Superhero” campaign will allow children to have an interactive experience with a role-model who teaches hope and encouragement. Children will be inspired to believe in themselves even when things seem impossible. They will “Free Their Superhero” and they will be unstoppable!