1ArmTodd’s Music

At the age of 11, Todd’s father took him to a music store to purchase a guitar. When the salesman asked how can he help, his father replied, “I’m interested in buying a guitar for my son”. The salesman replied, “Great!” As soon as he looked down and saw Todd standing there with only one arm, he said, “You can’t play the guitar with one hand, it takes two.” Disappointed, they turned and starting walking toward the exit. Just then Todd noticed a bass guitar that only had four strings. He looked up at his dad and said, “I got five fingers; I can play that!” His dad purchased the base and it all began from there. With base in hand and an ink pen taped to his nub to strum with, Todd began expressing himself through his music. Later he taught himself how to play the piano and guitar to become the inspirational singer/songwriter we know now as 1armtodd!