From hands-on patient care to his outreach program, Todd is passionate about helping others face adversity, overcome obstacles and to ”Free Their Superhero”. Having lofty goals, partnership plays a vital role in Todd’s ability to carry out this pledge. He has been overwhelmed by the power of a commitment and prayer and how “angles” seem to show up when needed most. Todd can use your help, get involved by donating your time or resources; you can make a difference!  Todd would like to send a heartfelt thank you to each and every individual and organization who has supported and participated in the effort to redefine labels and change expectations.

StoryBook Village in Pentwater, MI

Enjoyed our visit with Hockey Todd at Storybook Village in Pentwater. So inspirational for our young and older generations. Thank you Barbara Sims (Barbara Storybook) for inviting him over to our area. 


So honored to have the opportunity to attend the Dinner for Dreamers dinner last Saturday night. How cool to meet my new hero, Kevin Laue who has shared the same adversity as me. Kevin is a 6’11” American college student and played basketball at Manhattan College. He was born missing half of one arm and has been recognized for his skills and success in overcoming adversity. In the 2008-2009 season he played at a military academy in Virginia and was a prospect for collegiate play. In March 2009 he received a scholarship to play Division I basketball for Manhattan College. A documentary film titled Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story was released in 2012. Kevin travels all over the world sharing his inspirational story and inspiring kids to follow their dreams! Kevin, it was an honor to meet you!

Check out Kevin’s website

Kid Amputies

Thank you to ABR and Nubability for letting me be part of your clinic. I’m so impressed with all of the kids and their winning attitudes. It was super inspiring to talk to the parents and learn how you have made such a huge impact in their child’s life. I heard so many great stories like a little girl who was given her new leg just the day before and ABR surprising her with her favorite character Medusa painted on it! And another Mom shared about how her son lights up when he has the opportunity to play with kids just like him and who share the same challenges. What a GREAT program! Again, thanks for letting me be part of the event!

Appearance with Billy Dawson

Todd recently made an appearance with the recording artist Billy Dawson! Together they teamed up to entertain and educate kids at XXXXXXX School. Their messages made big impressions to all who attended and many kids had questions and were engaged by their presentations.